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It Was Really January, But It Felt Like June

I wrote this song for my husband, Jon, and entered it in a Twitter Storm contest. I hope you like it. You can buy it on CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes.

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Tribute to My Fallen Hometown Hero

never shouldve.jpeg

The Ultimate I-Just-Got-Dumped Song

arizona ghost_edited.jpg

Arizona Ghost


Always a musician and always a writer, this was my first single to be recorded and released to the world. And it's a special one. The son of a very dear friend was killed while serving in Afghanistan. A veteran myself (U.S. Air Force), it affected me deeply, and I was moved to write this song for Marine Corporal Nicholas Xiarhos, my hometown hero. I wrote this song for Nick, but it's really for all military members and their families, and for this great nation.


This song is the second release off of my album "Living the Dream." "Never Should've Been" is a heart-felt, regretful, mournful country song (aren't most of them?) Been dumped? You'll find solace and comfort in this song. The talents and gifts of Tommy Detamore on steel guitar are featured. Also featured are Stu Johnston on drums and Ray Castano on acoustic guitar. Music, lyrics, and vocals are all me. Look for more releases off this album soon! "Never Should've Been" is available for sale for $.99 cents on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.


You know who you are.

do'nt say goodbye_edited.jpg

Don't Say Goodbye


My Cover of Ronnie Dunn's Song, Bleed Red


I really can't do justice to this song originally performed by the great - everyone bow, please - Ronnie Dunn. (Written by Tommy Lee James and Andrew Dorff). I love you, RD. Thanks for the reminder. xox

My Music: Work
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